Convert your Microsoft® Access MDE application into

a standalone EXE file and tune your database application to have an improved performance much like a desktop software!

MDE Compiler is a highly resourceful software

utility for Access developers that makes it possible to create EXE file(s) from DB applications and will allow the consumer to specify an icon file and the file version information such as company, description and program version.

Protect your Access MDE / MDB applications using MDECompiler

and join the band wagon of hundreds of happy customers that are using this tool. It also works when you are working with SQL Server DB engine and other DB engines, making it an extremely robust and multi-dimensional tool.


  • Convert your Access database into a simple EXE file
  • Apply a security layer in your Access application
  • Compatible with MDE,MDB,ACCDE and ACCDB MS Access files
  • Custom Icon image
  • Custom bitmap image (Replace MS Access startup logo)
  • Custom run command and command line parameters
  • Custom exe file version information
  • MDE changes are always updated inside EXE
  • Disable MS Access security alerts via Windows Registry
  • Generate a fully customized EXE binary file

Last updates

  • Open and Save your project files
  • Load project .ini files using command line
  • Run only 1 instance of your application for an optimal performance
  • Automatically download and silent install MS Access Runtime required to run your application
  • Compatible with big DB applications

Access to EXE , MDE to EXE , ACCDE to EXE , MDE 2 EXE

Purchase / Order

Price = $59

  • Email support
  • MDE Compiler royalty free distribution license on target computers
  • Paypal safe transaction
  • License Purchase – One time payment


1.  Download the zip file
2. Open and extract the zip file
3. Execute MDECompilerSetup.exe and follow instructions
4. Start Wizard and create your own Exe application.

Please note that this a demo and will show you a NAG screen. The registered version won’t show you any NAG screen.

Last update: 01 / 2015

Microsoft® additional Runtime downloads (external)

Microsoft ® Access runtime 2000
Microsoft ® Access runtime 2002
Microsoft ® Access runtime 2010
Microsoft ® Access runtime 2013


MDE Compiler allows you to convert your mde/accde based applications into EXE [windows executable application files]

Microsoft Access or Microsoft Access Runtime instead. At least one of them is essential

MDE Compiler allows you to re-brand various aspects such as customizing logo and that will make your application customized and appear like a professional application software

Kindly try our demo to begin with and test it , it’s really easy to setup

Fill our contact form and ask your questions and we will revert back at the earliest


  • SO – Sistema Operativo
  • Microsoft® Windows XP o superior
  • Aplicaciones
  • Microsoft® Access o Microsoft® Access Runtime


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