• Convert your Access database into a simple EXE file
  • Apply a security layer in your Access application
  • Compatible with MDE,MDB,ACCDE and ACCDB MS Access files
  • Custom Icon image
  • Custom bitmap image (Replace MS Access startup logo)
  • Custom run command and command line parameters
  • Custom exe file version information
  • MDE changes are always updated inside EXE
  • Disable MS Access security alerts via Windows Registry
  • Generate a fully customized EXE binary file

Last updates

  • Open and Save your project files
  • Load project .ini files using command line
  • Run only 1 instance of your application for an optimal performance
  • Automatically download and silent install MS Access Runtime required to run your application
  • Compatible with big DB applications

Access to EXE , MDE to EXE , ACCDE to EXE , MDE 2 EXE


MS Runtime or MS Access required to be installed in target computer in order to run the compiled new application EXE

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